Our Day as Japanese Shampoo Models

A few months back, it was our first day on the job at Finca Bellavista. We had already been laughing about the fact that we had signed up to live in a tiny cabin with no water or electricity, and help manage a treehouse community deep in the jungle of Costa Rica. It seemed offbeat enough to fit our story line and we were actually looking forward to our first day in the office. But that morning at breakfast, we discovered our first day would be different than planned: we were asked to “model” for a Japanese Shampoo Commercial. An eco-friendly, amazing smelling, and really quality shampoo to boot…. we were in!

Behind the Scenes of The Botanist Japanese Shampoo 

We volunteered in exchange for a few free samples, a good story, and a free haircut for Pablo from a celebrity hairstylist when he sat up an impromptu salon in the garden. You can’t make this stuff up:


Most of the day was spent playing “jungle people” or as some co-workers pointed out… a very exposed Tarzan, and an athleisure-clad Jane. Our roles were simple: we brewed coffee in a treehouse for “B-roll” and swam/lounged/hair-flipped in the waterfall until we were absolutely waterlogged. To say the least, it was one of the most spontaneous, hilarious, and unexpected ways to spend our first days. We hope you enjoy this version as much as we did…but if you want a peek at the final cut that will be used in the majority of their ads you can find it here.

botanist 1

To be honest, the shampoo was actually a really amazing product…at least from the couple washes we got out of it. We’re buying some as soon as I take my next trip to the States. If you want to share in our 5 minutes of fame (or just use a super nice eco-friendly shampoo), thanks to the wonderful world of Amazon….you can indulge (read: buy it) too. Autographs included if you visit Costa Rica 😉

botanish japanese shampoo benji

Our New Favorite Japanese Shampoo: The Botanist. Simple. 😉


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