10 reasons to see Granada’s Las Isletas by SUP

Gea from LiveIt Water wants to share a unique experience with health and eco-conscious travelers; learn why so many people are swapping the traditional boat ride for a tour of Las Isletas by SUP (stand up paddle board)

1. The learning curve

The flat waters between the islands in Las Isletas, Granada are a much easier place to learn to SUP than trying to surf or paddle in the open ocean. From ages 6 to 65, everyone can enjoy standup paddling. This sport does not require a lot of body strength or extensive training. Most people who try it for their first time love it and are surprised at how easy it really is.

2. Because it’s fun!

For people who love the water or for those who want an enjoyable workout, this activity is ideal!

3.  Consider it your work out for the day

While paddling around the calm waters between the islands, you are working your entire body. The entire time you are paddling you engage your abs, arms, legs and all the muscles of the back and shoulders. Even more, all of the stabilizing muscles in your legs and hips are working to balance you on the board, making for a total body experience.

4. It makes for great social time

Stand-up paddling is a fun experience to be shared with family and friends. Because SUP is easy and anyone can learn it, once you do, you will find it effortless. You can chat and socialize as you enjoy the islands.

5. It’s a fast growing sport

Stand-up paddling is the fastest growing water sport in the world right now and it’s no surprise. Because it is so easy and people are loving it, SUP businesses are popping up all around the globe, offering lessons, rentals and sales everywhere there is a body of water conducive to the sport. Lake Nicaragua is the perfect place to try it out your first time or to keep up with your regular SUP routine while in another country.

6. A great way to get you close to nature

Nicaragua is known as the land of lakes and volcanoes and Las Isletas is an incredible blend of both. When Volcano Mombacho blew its crown off thousands of years ago, it spewed large amounts of volcanic earth into Lake Nicaragua, creating these 365+ islands. These islands are covered with lush and unusual vegetation. As you paddle past these islands, you are entirely surrounded by nature: Stunning views of the majestic Mombacho, sweet waters of the lake, massive trees, and abundant wildlife.

7. Better for the Environment

While Las Isletas is one of the main tourist attractions in Granada, most visitors see the lush islands from a motorized boat. The boats are powered by gas and unnecessarily pollute the fresh waters of Lake Nicaragua. And as they navigate through the islands, the loud motors scare away birds and muffle the distinct bird calls. By contrast, when you experience las isletas by SUP board, you quietly glide over the water, listen to the birds, and occasionally hear the howler monkeys in the distance without disturbing any of the natural habitat.

8. A unique perspective

Rather than touring Las Isletas sitting on a kayak or riding in a boat, when you are standing on a paddle board you get to see so much more. You can take your time soaking in the islands and maybe even reach for a mango hanging down from the trees dripping with fruit. You can paddle closely and quietly to get better views of local wildlife, and experience all 360 degrees of your surroundings.

9. Engage body, mind and soul

As you get into the rhythm of paddling, the movement becomes meditative, and you start to feel the sensation of floating over the water. The stresses of life evaporate, and you find your self in the here and now.

10. It’s versatile

Not only can you SUP on the flat waters surrounding the islands, but you can also use the board as a floating yoga mat. Practicing yoga on the paddle board requires a whole new level of awareness and mixes up your regular yoga or SUP routine.



This is a sponsored post

While the text and images are provided by LiveIt Water, we agree with each and every one! We barely missed the opportunity for taking both a SUP tour of the isletas and trying out Yoga on the boards. We heard rave reviews around town and were bummed to have missed out due to pressed travel plans, but look forward to visiting again someday. In the meantime, let us know if you decide to do the tour and how it was 🙂  Learn more about seeing Las Isletas by SUP and Granada’s only SUP yoga classes on their website.



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